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    You can upload a workout you just completed including the map and you can add a new workout directly to RunningAhead. But one thing is missing, the ability to edit a workout, either before uploading or once it has been uploaded. It would be beneficial so that you can complete things like route, gear, type of workout (intervals, easy, hills, etc) right there, without having to login to the site.


    Other than that, both the app and the site rock.





      Complain to Handy Runner, not RunningAHEAD.

      Lazy idiot

        I don't think it's a complaint, but a feature request.


        That being said, you're correct that Handy Runner is the way to go for support for the app.

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          Yeap, it was not a complaint. And I thought Handy Runner was developed by RunningAhead. My bad.