Happy 15 year anniversary to us! (Read 422 times)

    my husband surprised me by planning a trip to San Francisco this week for our 15th anniversary. He told me last night so I could spend all day today frantically shopping and packing because we leave at 5am tomorrow, LOL! I've got my Garmin and I'm excited to run in SF and have that little map graph in my records. Blush I don't know when we are coming back so TTYL!
    Jennifer mm#1231
      Happy Anniversary! Have a great time hill running in SF. Ewa
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      Princess Cancer Pants

        Wow, what better place than SF to do some hard hill workouts! Have a great time, you guys--and big congrats on your anniversary! I'm hoping for Vegas for our 15th (in just under 5 years). Big grin k

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          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Have a GREAT TIME!! I LOVE SF!!!! Enjoy those hills!

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            Happy 15th. This is my 15th as well and boy would I love a trip to SF. Congrats on the long haul
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              we had a fantabulous time!!! Big grin
              Jennifer mm#1231