Invisible Fences for dogs (Read 865 times)

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    Invisible Fences for demons





    running ?

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      Jeff you forgot the invisible fences for hippies. Heh.

      Invisible Fences FTW!

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        I have a pet defense system that I inherited when we bought this house.  I love that it enables deer, groundhogs and coyote (maybe not coyote) to roam through our yard.  I hate to think what it's worth, the collars cost $250, so I was happy when the previous owners left theirs behind for me.  I have a ....really really not smart dog.... and I didn't think I could train him, Pet Defence offer training, but it took me 20 minutes, spread out over three days.  The only time he wanders off is if the battery goes dead.  If you're electrically inclined I'd probably make it yourself if possible, it's a ridiculous amount of money. 

          oh yeah and i don't recommend you have it on a high setting and then touch it to see what the impact is, when you're outside of the boundary line by 30 feet. 

            Bought the system and an extra collar for $300 at the big orange store. Installed it in about an hour. Let the zapping begin. The electric shocks will continue until the morale improves.

            Oh wait, that's something else.