Service outage (2006-11-30) (Read 1816 times)

eric :)

    Hi everyone, I apologize for the non-responsiveness of the site. My service provider is facing a denial of service attack, or DoS. For the non-computer savvy folks, a DoS is equivalent to having a traffic jam on the highway. The traffic is not anywhere near your home, but it's so backed up that you can't get to your house. The server hosting the site is safe. Your data is safe. The computer hosting this site is just sitting there doing absolutely nothing because not too many of us can get to it. At the same time, the problem is completely out of my hands. We'll have to wait for my web provider to block the attackers from reaching the network. They are working to resolve the problem and let's hope that it will be resolved soon. eric Smile
      Thanks for the heads up Eric!! Lets hope that things get back to normal asap! Keeping fingers crossed. Oh and Eric YOUR AWESOME and this site is AWESOME!!!!

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        No prob. I know DoSs happen from time to time. I think someone needs to develop a 12-step program for RA addicts, such as myself, though... Tongue k

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