Walking log (Read 859 times)

    Can you make another log for walking. Make it the same as the running, except just change the title to walking? Thanks, mpwildes
      mpwildes, You can create your own workout, in this case, walking, by doing the following: 1. go to "Options" (located on the upper right hand corner of every page) 2. click on "My Log Preferences". 3. click on "Other workouts" on the "My Log Preferences Page" 4. enter "Walking" on an available slot. When you click on the down button next to the "New Run Entry", which is located on the toolbar, you'll see Walking on the drop down menu. Hope this helps! eric Smile
        Eric, I had done that already, but I did go back and look again to make sure I did everything correctly. What i would like is some of the same features that are on he running. i.e. shoe types and courses. I could still be doing something wrong however. Can you help me with this? RS, mpwildes
          mpwildes, You can also create a run type named "Walking", using the same steps as I mentioned earlier, except you click on "Running" instead of "Other workouts". Then you'll be able to graph and search it like runs. Even as you have it now, you still can enter your shoes and courses. I just haven't gotten around to adding support for graphing for non running workouts. I already planned to add that in the coming months. eric Smile
            Eric, I did redo my workouts and made a run type walking. Exactly what I was looking for. Except for the graphing in the runs and adding totals to my running stats. But I know you said you are working on that. Thanks Mpwildes