Found my PRs from almost 20 years ago -- and I've beat one! (Read 841 times)

    I'm on my second career as a runner -- I ran in my early 20s, like an untrained early-20 year old runs. Which is to say, not too smartly. But I enjoyed it, until I could ignore the chronic injuries no more. I started up again at 38, older and wiser, and am still mostly injury-free. Almost all the races I ran in my 20s were with the NY Road Runners Club, as I lived in NYC at the time. After my HM this weekend, I got curious about whether I'd beat my 22 year old self, so I went to their website, and damn if you can't search by name going back to 1987 -- there were all my race results! 5K: May, 1990, the L'Eggs Mini-Marthon Tune-Up Race (LOL, remember when it was L'Eggs? Remember when we wore pantyhose?), 26:58. My current 5k PR? 26:18. Yes (okay, well, the 1990 time would be gun time, since we didn't have no stinking chips in 1990. Still, it's damn close) 10k: May, 1992, Advil Mini-Marathon (two years later, and L'Eggs was already out as the sponsor), 53:39. Current 10K PR is 54:56 (although again, that's chip timed), so I'm close. HM: September, 1990, 1:57:00. I knew I had a sub-2:00 finish, although not by much (although I had remembered a different race as my HM PR, but I was 2:02 in that one!). Yesterday's HM was 1:58:56 chip time, 2:00:16 gun time. Close again! What's odd is how little my pace varied between these different distances -- my 5k pace was 8:41/mile, and my HM pace was 8:55/mile. I guess I just had one speed, and I ran it. I'm happy to see how close I am to these times, and they have given me a new goal for the year: beat my 21-23 year old self. This can be done.
      Good one! It's impressive that they have results back to 1987 online. It looks like you should beat the rest of those pr's soon too..... John
      Goal: Age grade over 80% on a certified course.
        I ran a 5K on Superbowl Sunday, and the top three finishers were from the men's 40-49 AG. The winner is 44, and came in with a 5:15 pace. I have to laugh because I was seventh in the AG, but would have been third in the 20-29. Great stuff Anne. Best of luck beating your twenty year old self, and any of the current twenty somethings too! Go Masters!

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          That is very cool. I tried, but failed, to find my high school cross country times from 1983.
            I'll be 40 soon. And just when I was trying to get somewhat competitive in 30-39... I have to move up in class to the tougher 40-49. Seriously though I have noticed more often than not the 40's beat the 30's. Like me I think a lot of people wake up at age 38 and say "gee I have 2 years to right the ship and get in shape for 40". When you were as out of shape as I was and raising little kids, it seems like 3-4 years are needed. In the big races that bring out competitive runners though of course the 20's and 30's guys are blazing fast. Way to go AnneCA. I dream of beating my PRs from when I was 16. I don't think it'll ever happen but it would be nice to get close.

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              I'm happy to be wearing the same size clothes I wore 20 years ago... Anne - too cool! Go get the rest of those PRs!
                Anne........that is really cool....Yes And this is absolute proof that your not getting older, your getting better.........Big grinBig grinBig grin

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                  I guess I just had one speed, and I ran it.
                  He, he, I had to laugh at that one. Good for you. I think wiser is the key. Good luck in beating those old PRs.
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                    Anne: That is awesome! You'd really smash those times if you ran them through one of those age grading calculators.