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    I imported a lot of my run data a some time ago and while all the running data imported fine the I can't make heads or tails of the different shoe mileage data that imported. How do I clean it all up?????




      Where did your data come from?  The importer associates each workout with the shoe in the data file.  I looked at your log and there seemed to be many shoes duplicated.  I'm guessing the importer determined the shoes in the data file are slightly different, which is how you ended up with all those shoes.  I wouldn't know until I look at the data.  Could you email it to me at support@runningahead.com?  I'll provide a recommendation on how to clean it up when I see the data.


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        Thanks Eric!!!! .The data.files are from spottracks via garmin. I'll. Email it when I have a chance. Stuck on a plane in Chicago.at the. Moment



          Hi - I finally imported my sportstrack data. The equipment data is now organized as it should be.  I uploaded everything I had in sportstracks since 2011 as one file. Just under the minimum file size! There are some gaps in data but I can import them from Garmin. Thank you for your help!



            Was there an easy fix for this?  I have the same issue.


            When importing my runs from Sporttracks, I get new shoe entries each time even though it is the same shoe.  I go in and clean them up every once and a while, but it would be nice not to have to do this manually if there is a fix.


            I am open to different solutions if it makes the process automatic.

            1.  I currently upload my data using the Sporttracks .fitlog file.  Should I use a different one?

            2.  Is there a particular naming convention that I should use on the Sporttracks side to make the transition work?