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    just curious if we have any triathletes in here... i finished my first sprint tri 2 weeks ago and have an olympic distance tri set up in mid july...these are stepping stones to my first half-ironman in september (ultimately a stepping stone to a full-ironman, yikes!) just wanted to network with any other triathletes...

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      Why, anybody that would tri that must be the son of a crazy person! Shocked

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        I thought about tri'ing, but decided against it when I realized it meant I'd have to give up a bunch of my running time in order to train for the other events! Big grin

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          Janell, I'm feeling that way about the pair of inline skates I bought late last Summer and used ONCE! I'd love to get out on them, but right now any time DH isn't out on his bike is my time to run. Maybe once DS is old enough to stay home by himself I will have the chance to do more than just run--a triathlon really sounds fun to me, too. Big grin k

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            Why, anybody that would tri that must be the son of a crazy person! Shocked
            Yes, he is crazy indeed Wink
              Why, anybody that would tri that must be the son of a crazy person! Shocked
              Maybe the son of an ultra runner? Wink
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                Just did my first sprint 2 weeks ago ( need to swim!!!) trying to train for my first marathon, might do another tri before the full..I am an impulser...got a bike 6 weeks ago....looking at wetsuits..
                  Wetsuits are overated...when you live in texas! Finn, just to offer a bit of encouragement on the swim section, during my first triathlon (Metroplex Spring Triathlon) I started to panic about 10 minutes into the swim. There were so many aspects to open water swimming that I was not prepared for (getting hit/kicked in the face by other swimmers, not being able to see past your arm, whitecaps from the wind, not being able to touch bottom, difficulty swimming a straight line). It was my first time to swim in open water. I was thankful just to have finished the swim without drowning let along the entire tri. After my race, I was able to evaluate what I needed to prepare for and so I had an opportunity to get in 2 open water swims in a lake before my next event. The 2nd (Ironhead Dallas Triathlon) was night and day the difference in the water. I remained confident and comfortable, but most importantly I stayed in the race mentally the whole time I was in the water. Stick with it, try to convice a friend to go swim in a lake with you along the shore to get you used to it. Practice sighting using landmarks on the shore to keep you in a line, but most importantly stay calm. The more you panic the worse things get! Good luck!
                    Thanks....good tips. Did another last weekend in toronto, wetsuit takes away the anxiety....but unfortunately that is the 2nd time i have swam this year ( last race was 1st). Got a flat at the 20 K mark....changed tubes...kept going....had a good run...so caught a few people that way. I have another one in a couple of weeks but the olympic distance keeps me off because of the swim distance...that will take me 40+ minutes. There is one in maine in september i am considering..ocean swim will be entertaining.
                      hi ballard and all, I'm currently taking a year off from tris, but have done them since 2001. It's fun to hear that others here do them too. This summer I've been concentrating on research and haven't been training much. Last summer I trained a lot and got a top 10 finish at a local sprint (I lived in Charlottesville, VA). I lived and trained in the Blue Ridge Mtns and did my long runs on the Appalacian trail. I miss those days. In July I completed IM Lake Placid, then promptly took the rest of the year off Smile All -- stick with the swimming, especially in the winter. It doesn't take long to feel comfortable in the water, and once you develop your stroke, you retain it with a minimal amount of training.
                        Poose, Was IM Lake Placid your first? I've done IM Canada and the first IM Lake Placid (when it was called IM USA) as well. I've been in semi-retirement since then, as the training for IM's are very time consuming and difficult to do when little ones enter your life! I spent five years doing half ironmans and then two back-to-back years of ironman races and just died out. Ever since, I've been staying in shape through mostly mountain biking and running. This year it's getting back into running distance, as that was my first love. Triathlons are great fun and swimming is a great winter workout.
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                          swimming is definitely something that im proves with some work. Just did another sprint last week in maine....went from 2nd from last out of the water to 60 out of 180. finished in the 40's overall..........hats off to you ironmen. I need to work on a full marathon next.
                            An aspiring triathlete here! One of my goals for next summer is to do a try-a-tri or sprint distance - it's going to take a fair bit of off-season training, but I'm excited!