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    It would be really cool if we could do something where the front of a shirt is a tame and normal logo like Sara's first one and then on the back was the HTFU logo.
    Evil grin Love that idea! Big grin

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      three more.... the first two are variations on a theme (finish line tape) the last one i tried to replicate the curves of a 400m track in the letters "R" and "A" keep all the great entries coming.... --steve --runbulldogrun.com
        last one i promise..... --steve --runbulldogrun.com
          Here are a few variations that bring the online/computer/button/link aspect into the logo:

          I really like this one.


            OK. Here's my attempt at a logo. The runner's number represents when the RA site went online.
            This one is good too!


              Hey guys! I don't have any creative suggestions, but I just received an email from "another site" and wanted to point out the similarity in color scheme to what many of the suggested logos look like so far. http://www.active.com/insider/runner/runnews_042308.htm We'll need to be careful that our logo doesn't end up looking too similar. Smile Lorrie

              thumbs up!

                Good point. However, this site is already "branded" with a blue color palette. That's why the logos I submitted are all of the blue variety.
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                  Variations on a theme… Another "logo" I'm not really happy with the motion blur on the runner...oh well... The same thing-only with FLAMES-Because flames are cool! And another Here's the "Flame" logo attached to the RunningAHEAD Banner BTW, I'm a newbie here. What does HTFU stand for?

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                      Here are a few variations that bring the online/computer/button/link aspect into the logo:

                      They're all great, and since I have zero artistic ability I have a great deal of respect for all you artistic types. This one's nice and simple, ties your running to the 'puter, and has nice proportion. Gonna be tough to beat.

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                        Just a thought: One of the great things about this site is the community aspect. Hence, I think the greatest logo should include the facts that runningahead is more than just an online training log - it's an online training log community!!! Great work so far though, I prefer the one where the letters are runners - a bit too chaotic, but I love the idea...
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                          Here are a few variations that bring the online/computer/button/link aspect into the logo:

                          I do like these - it's just that they bring back bad memories given their similiarity to another site:

                          See how they run...

                            Ah, knew it reminded me of something.... Smile
                              It's been a bit quiet the past few days Big grin Here's another logo to stir things up a bit:
                              eric :)

                                Hi everyone! I want to start off by thanking everyone that has contributed to our little contest. I"ve been following all the new postings but didn't have time to respond (mostly because I'm putting all my free time into completing the last remaining pages of the new training log). I liked each of the submitted designs for different reasons. Here are a few that are worth elaborating: I like this one from zoom-zoom because it's simple. It would look quite nice with the site colors, me thinks. Then some gutter minded people suggested it could be a bit phallic... This one looks very cool, but it's a little too futuristic for my taste. This one would probably make a good t-shirt design, which I'll discuss a little more later: I like the circle concept of this logo because it suggests a continuum that is so characteristic of running. The RunningAHEAD part looks a little odd when broken into two in the circle though. I like the color scheme in this one: This one suggests RA is a global running village, which would make another good t-shirt design: This would make a good logo: This one has potential but I feel it's missing something... This would make another good t-shirt design So here's the thought. It's something that m_fetro brought up on page 3 of this thread. All these designs can be separated into two categories: site logo and designs for t-shirts. Examples of the former are the Nike Swoosh, the asics "a", and that thing that I can't describe for Brooks. They are simple in design but strongly branded to their respective companies. They do not resemble the over used icons of running: runner(s), winged shoes and the foot/shoe print. Any of these logos would make good logos for future shirts. They are creative and distinctive. They don't have too many colors, which will keep the cost of printing down. Each color costs a fixed amount to print. Please keep the creative juices flowing. I would love to see more designs that can be used as a site logo. eric :-)