14 min 5k , is that good enough. (Read 1139 times)


    I've taken a few years off from running , and just got back into it last week. I started out running a mile, then 2, so yesterday i was like what the hell. Lets try a 5k, was running down by the water in my town. I timed myself at 14 min flat, was wondering if that would be good enough to join a race.

      You'll probably need to break 13 minutes or at least run low-13's to make the Olympic 5000m final, so keep training.

      Runners run.


        Probably want to get that closer to 10:00-11:00. That'll make people pay attention too.


        faster than a glacier

          You're still a good minute and a half slower than the world record, so obviously those few years off took a toll on your fitness. I wouldn't enter any races if I were you.

          L Train

            You guys are assuming manfromnantucket is a man.  If she's a woman, she could probably be semicompetitive at local races.


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                Runners run.

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                    - Joe

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                      yeah, "woman from nantucket" just doesn't result in very good limericks.


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                        I dunno, probably not fast around here.  I regularly post 9 minute 5ks when I'm pushing a double jogging stroller.  But that's on a hilly course and in 2 feet of snow.  Plus, I don't wear shoes when I run and the wheels on the stroller are kinda low, in fact, the front wheel is missing so I constantly have to push down in the back, kind of like a permanent wheely.  I don't think my kids will like it but so far I've only run with the stroller with my wife in it, since the kids are too young.  She's a bit beyond the recommended weight limit, but I figure, she's really thin, especially having just given birth to twins a few months ago, so it's probably ok.


                        So, you might want to reconsider next time you take a few years off.  Maybe you'll get it back in a few more years but you might want to train with my stroller to get faster.

                        HTFU?  Why not!

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                          Water-aided PR. Weak.

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                            Modified to follow the rule

                              I think there's a sub-5 5K thread around here somewhere.  They can help you out so you don't embarrass yourself.

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