Tracking stats from runs (Read 403 times)


    Not that I am vain, but I figure showing runs against my weight I put on each run may show some nice trends over time. but then I thought, correlate weather and running. In addition, a 3 day weather outlook is the simplest xml hack in the world, and I think wunderground.com is a great source to show upcoming weather for your runs, and show you times on each run in varying weather conditions (so you know what time you are aiming for from last time) I run next to the sea, so I can have strong head winds sometimes, it makes a difference. So... either track weight as a report, or track any field that is in the standard course running (even, how often you run with what shoes etc) of course, I guess all of this comes into your main 'redo reporting' which I guess will be flexible. Anyway, just random ideas, great site!
      Pheidippides, I want to add customization to all pages so you can decide what to display. It should address many of your requests. I'm working on adding more functionality to Google map. I'm hoping to get to reporting by the end of this year. Keep the ideas coming! I can't promise I will get to them immediately, but I still like to hear them so I can plan the tasks accordingly. eric Smile