My dad is awesome! (Read 632 times)


rather be sprinting

    Those who know me on Runner's World may already know the story of how I got my dad running--it began last year on his birthday when we decided to race the 100m.  Last year, I wrote the race recap; this year, he did.  I found it really sweet so I figured I would post it here in case any of those who fled RW want to go take a look.  Smile



    PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

    Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb


      Scap, that is so cute and awesome of your dad! I'm glad you posted here or I'd have missed it. He's a great storyteller/writer. Sounds like next year may be the year he tastes victory! What a great tradition. 

        Yes he is.   Looking forward to next year's edition - ya better watch out as your Dad is on the steep part of the improvement curve!



          What a great story.  Post the whole thing here instead of that link.


          By the way, I hope to never race my dad.  He's the dad that won't stop doing stuff.


          Here's a list of all the things he's had surgically repaired, and he won't stop running or lifting when all he should do is bike or walk.


          Left Ankle scoped

          Right Ankle scoped

          Left Knee Quad Tendon snapped and reattached

          Left Knee replaced

          Back Surgery

          Back Surgery again

          Right Shoulder Replaced

          Right Shoulder Replaced Again (apparently this one wasn't his fault. The artificial socket failed)


          He gets cortisone shots on the regular in his right knee and left shoulder now.  It's only a matter of time until those are going to be replaced.