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    Hi!  I'm new to the forum and new to distance running.  I've been using a Vivoactive 3 Music for several years now, and in general I'm happy with it.  However, I've started training to be able to run a marathon.  My current watch doesn't allow for GPS sync / directions and I'm looking for a low price-point Garmin that does.  I don't need all the functionality of the Forerunner 945, so is there an earlier model that will help me?  TIA


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      Congratulations on your running! If you are on a laptop or desktop, try searching the numerous older threads about GPS watches here. DC Rainmaker has great info, but can be overwhelming.

      After years using Garmin and now defunct TomTom watches, my hubs and I both ended up with Coros. Cheaper, longer battery life, love them. Happy researching!

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        Nice!!  If you like Garmin, then a simpler version would be the FR55 or FR245.  I used the FR235 (an earlier version of the 245) for a number of years and really liked it.  Good luck with the marathon training.

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           My current watch doesn't allow for GPS sync / directions and I'm looking for a low price-point Garmin that does. 


          If you mean turn by turn navigation, then I believe the lowest-end model that does that is the 245.


            I'll put a plug in for the FR 245.....been using mine for the last 2+ years and it is my best Garmin yet.  I don't need the price and features of the 945.  I just saw that Garmin now came out with the 255......which has the standard and now a solar version.  I don't listen to music when I run and I know my 245 has one model variation that plays music versus one that doesn't.........music version is more expensive.  I just read the DC Rainmaker review of the 255 which is, as always, as thorough of a review as you will find.


            DC Rainmaker Garmin 255 Review Link  ..........June 1, 2022


            DC Rainmaker Garmin 245 Review Link  ..........From April 2019

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