Ability to Schedule Running/Workout goals (Read 642 times)

    I luv using RunningAHEAD as part of my running routine. It is an EXCELLENT program and very well thought out! I really appreciate having the ability to map out a route on-line without having to spend hours searching and odometering a new route. I would, however, luv to see the ability to schedule my planned running regimen prior to going on the runs for the week/month. This would enable me and others to plan a training schedule, such as is needed for a marathon or a triathlon, within RunningAHEAD as opposed to having yet another software program to perform this function. I'm not sure if this request has already been made but I envision it would greatly enhance an already excellent program such as yours. Thanks! Smile
      Hi, innana1. Like abbaroodle said in your other thread, it's come up more than once and is on Eric's very long "to-do" list. Eric's just one person, and RunningAHEAD is, believe it or not, just his obsessive hobby. Wink When I last talked with him about how much time he spent working on the site, it worked out to almost a half time job... And he still can't keep up with the constant flow of requests. Don't get me wrong - we all think the requests are great! It's the ideas and needs of the users that shapes how RA develops and grows. Hope this helps! Janell

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