2018 Sub-3. No rules. Run. (Read 790 times)


    Weather good luck. Hopefully the weather cooperates just a little bit because your def  ready to pop a big one


    Good looking weeks going on.  Lela congrats on getting back over 50.

    Cinnamon nice and steady this week I see well done.

    MIkkey:  ANIMAL.


    For me nothing to exciting.  Just putting the pieces together slowly but surely.  42 total with a 70 minute aqua Jog progression to Threshold effort.  Probably be a month before I hit a workout on the road.  All the glute and hip strengthening has helped pretty noticeably.  For almost 2 years I have had dull ache in my right glute that I have not been able to get rid of.  Turns out It was upper hamstring and the exercises my chiro have given me have nipped it all together.  Always considered myself a good athlete and then someone that knows what they are doing identifies your weaknesses.  It has been pretty eye opening.  Two water based WO's on the agenda this week.

    HM: 1/17 1:18:53. FM: 12/18 2:46:04 


      Weather - nice week. I also think you should adjust pace for the heat.


      Andre - get well soon.


      TN - good week.


      Mikkey - great week.


      JT - great week.


      Cinnamon - good week.


      Lela - nice week, congrats on 50.  Last year I had six months of low volume, and then increased quickly.  I ended up with several niggly injuries which dashed any hopes of sub 3.  My free advice is to be careful, increase slowly.


      Matt - nice week.


      Once - nice week.


      All this snow and ice talk is a world away from what I am dealing with.  It is an abnormally warm summer (for greater Wellington, New Zealand), and quite humid.  Even early morning easy runs have me covered in sweat.

      PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


      40+ PRs: 5km 20:10 (Dec 2019), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018)


        Lots of good weeks in the thread and good racing.


        Here is my week.  Felt a little tired toward the end of the week.  I've been attempting the same TM intervals for the past two weeks and the workouts are getting harder not easier.  Two weeks left now until the Sean O Brien 100K - I'll start cutting back a bit.


        Weekly Summary
        Monday, Jan 15, 2018 thru Sunday, Jan 21, 2018

        <tfoot> </tfoot>
        Day Miles Pace Description Egain Link
        Mon 7.0 11:01 Lunch Run 1233 strava
        Tue 7.1 8:23 Treadmill intervals 0 strava
        Wed 8.5 10:22 Morning Run 1443 strava
        Thu 7.9 10:35 Morning Run 1403 strava
        Fri 7.0 8:58 TM interval @ 5% 0 strava
        Sat 14.4 9:57 Morning Run 2410 strava
        Sun 14.4 11:18 SOB course Kanan-Corral-Kanan+a wrong turn 3027 strava
          66.3 10:13   9516  

          Thanks everyone!  So far the forecast for Sunday hasn't changed much so I'm already thinking of backing off my goal pace by a good 5-10s since I know the humidity kills especially on the back end of a marathon.  I ran this afternoon with temps close to 80 and can tell I'm not as heat acclimated as I am during the summer and fall around here especially after the nice cool stretch we just had!


          Honestly might not be that far off from the weather I had during my HM in early November where I ran a 1:20:25 at Disney with temps in the upper 60's with fog.  Might be a few degrees cooler than that day and my fitness should be a bit better based on my recent workouts so an adjusted goal of 2:50-2:55 shouldn't be that far off even with the unpleasant conditions.  We'll see how it goes!

          5K: 16:15 (3/20)  |  10K: 33:40 (4/20)  |  HM: 1:15:53 (12/19)  |  FM: 2:40:30 (1/20)


            Watson, yeah I have been pretty conservative in my postpartum buildup, started running again last June...I spent 10 weeks in the 20's, 13 weeks in the 30's, and 7 in the 40's before just this week hitting 50. That is also with a few cutback weeks mixed in as well for proper recovery. I know one too many friends who have rushed back too soon and hated running after that, got burned out or injured. So I was pretty determined to try and learn from their lesson instead of living it. It hasn't been perfect but my goal every week has been "finish each week feeling like I could have done more and not that I should have done less' and so far that has 100% been the case.


            Swim5599 what have you been doing for the glute/hip strength. Weights, or more dynamic stretching and exercises. Do you use loop resistance bands at all?


            Weatherboy you have a great attitude about it all so far and that makes a big difference. Adjust and adapt then go out and see what you can do!

            Pre-Baby PR's (all from 2015): 5k: 18:46  10k: 38:37 HM: 1:24:51 FM: 2:58:13

            Postpartum PR's: 5k: 18:18 (2018)  HM: 1:21:14 (2019) FM: 2:57:06 (2018-12 mo PP)


            Next Up: Erie Marathon




            cinnamon girl

              Weatherboy: you ran that half well in those conditions, so now with some super solid marathon training, going into this weekend facing similar - you should have some calm confidence!. bib# yet??


              Mikkey:  And um, I meant to ask .. so how can you just nail a long run with significant MP at the end without having been running much! You suck!  Nice!


              Lela: solid base training week. Manhattans? A few?! Impressed 


              Swim: thanks. That's my intent. Trying hard at that. Took today off though. +1 to ANIMAL.


              DCV: it just doesn't seem right you have to apply to NYC through the lottery. I hope you get in.


              JMac: how's the foot??

              Mr MattM

              Older Than I Used To Be

                Random flyby....


                I was up at 3:50am to get in my run...


                Yeah, it's like that.




                I'm Younger Than That Now


                  Lela - Congrats on getting up over 50!  That's always an important number for me.  Once I'm there, I feel like my training is starting.  And, yup, I end up in Mexico City about once a month for work.


                  Mikkey - really strong weeks there.  I guess it's hard to tell where you were before, but it seems like that's off of very little base building.


                  Swim - well that happened quick!  Amazing you went from nothing to 40+ miles in no time.  I'm curious to know what "system" your coach thinks you neglected with your 140 mile weeks that included JD quality.  Also, I hope s/he can convince you to race more too.  A 7 month build for a 1 mile race seems like putting a lot of eggs in to a ~5min basket.


                  Weatherboy - if anyone can pull off a solid race in warm and humidity, it's you.  You're in incredible shape right now, much more so than your earlier half.


                  JT - Really strong midweek workout.  What's the goal for the half?  Get under 1:19?


                  I'm slowly coming back to running, having started on Sunday.  Just lack energy right now, and with that, struggling with the motivation.  When my alarm went off at 4:30am Monday I thought to myself: "Seriously?!?! Back to this already?" Hopefully the enthusiasm will return once I can run more than 6 miles without feeling like it's draining a week's worth of energy.

                  Upcoming races: Madrid (half) April 2020

                    JT - Really strong midweek workout.  What's the goal for the half?  Get under 1:19?


                    Andres: The goal is to PR, and hopefully get under 1:23.  Sub 1:19 is way out of my league!  Unfortunately, it seems like I have just caught a cold which my son had the last few days. Now it is just an annoyance in my throat with some congestion, and I'm hoping I can quash it before it gets full blown. This will be my second cold in just the last month or so, and usually I have only one per year. I think I may have been overdoing things; I've had 7 weeks in a row now over 70 miles, which for me is a lot. Resting HR is also ~10 beats higher than normal. Anyway, I'll take it easy and hopefully be ready to go by Sunday. I've really been looking forward to this race.


                    BTW, any miracle cures for a cold? Currently just drinking tons of water & tea and taking lots of vitamin C.

                    2:52:16 (2018)


                       Swim5599 what have you been doing for the glute/hip strength. Weights, or more dynamic stretching and exercises. Do you use loop resistance bands at all?


                      ^^^What Lela said.  Curious hear too as there have been a number of us plagued recently with upper hamstring/glute issues.


                        Mikkey - I like all the double digits!


                        JT - Nice TM mile workout. Good luck knocking out that cold. I have some expert tips at catching colds but none for getting rid of them.


                        cinnamon - You may be right. I did some trigger point therapy (poked at it real hard) and it is pretty sore but coming around I think. I'll run a bit tomorrow. This thread is moving well thanks to you excellent forum management skills.  Is that a 4 on 3 off 2 on etc etc workout?


                        finbad - Good luck with the snow. We had our 2 weeks of winter here. Smile


                        lela - Not 100% sure. I think it is mostly in the gastroc but could be the interface (inside right leg) so maybe it is the soleus and gastroc sticking like cinnamon mentioning.  I have worked on it a bit and rolled it some but I don't want to hammer it too hard while it is injured. I need to do more of that stuff on a regular basis. Excellent week and nice workouts. Congrats on getting back to 50 mpw. It is great to have another fast woman on the thread.


                        Matt - Nice job getting in 60 in that tough weather.


                        DCV - Do you still deal with any effect from lyme? My calf deal came out of nowhere. Nothing special about the workout. Maybe trying to stay upright on the snow/ice covered bridges resulting in working some muscles/tendons that aren't used. Who knows? Getting old sucks.  It may be back to the bike for me if this stuff keeps up and I can't get above 50 mpw. Nice job on zwift. Seems like it is keeping you in shape. Do you like it?


                        swim - No doubt I need to do all the things you are doing to round out the body and address weaknesses. You can overcome that stuff when you are young...but not so much when you are older.


                        watson - Though I dig a little winter I look forward to some humidity!


                        weather - Good luck this weekend. Hope the weather isn't too bad. Sounds like you are being smart about it. Don't let the ease of those first few miles lull you into going too fast!


                        andres - Good luck with those 4:30am runs? It will get easier.

                          tn - not really sure. I would probably say no. I did come back with a 1:25/1:30=2:55 in Houston after that. I probably caught it early taking the 3 weeks of antibiotics right away. Right now, age is probably catching up, and leg strength. The biking is helping the quads, upper legs, but I thinking I'm getting absolutely no push-off using the lower legs.


                          I love Zwift. Some much better than running on a TM. I've been doing some workout plans, Zwift controls my smart trainer directly at whatever power levels is required. I signed up for a ride/race/event tonight that has 886 riders.  I don't the dreaded dark winter mornings where I don't want to go outside in the dark and cold anymore...


                          cinn - the goal this year would be to get an  NYQ for next year in the half (1:28). My 1:08:53 10 mile race equates to 1:30Tight lippedx, so I'm thinking if I actually train for a race I might be able to dip under 1:28.


                          The pull of still trying to get a charity  bib for Boston is strong. But the pickin's are slim. I emailed one recently, they said $9k minimum, then they just emailed me with how about $5k-$6k. I can put my hands around those numbers...

                          cinnamon girl

                            JTReeves: 7 weeks over 70? that's awesome. jealous. Bummer timing on this cold though! You're doing what I would be doing. + rest and minimizing stress.


                            MrMatt / Andres: 3:50 / 4:30 .. that's dedication!


                            TN: +1 to DCV .. I agree getting old does suck. Seemed to happen overnight, right? The 4321... was minutes on, followed by 1/2 time recoveries (4 min on, 2 min easy, 3 min on, 1:30 min easy, 2 min on, 1 min easy, 1 min on, 30 sec easy, etc)  hope calf comes around sooner than later. I wouldn't work it too much either. Gentle and maybe massage distal from the area too. Heating pad.


                            DCV: full confidence here if you train you'll get a NYQ. Let me know any races if you want on page 1.


                              Count me in on those early mornings. But man, I take way too long to get out the door. Alarm went off at 4am. I was up right away, but between getting dressed, feeding the cat, and using the bathroom, the run didn't start until 4:38am. The bathroom is usually my biggest issue. I've gotten to where I know I'm going to have to go again, so I'll do a mile or two close to home so I can circle back. I figure it's better to get that mile or two started instead of waiting around for it to happen on its own.


                              Sorry, TMI perhaps.


                                I give you all credit with those early mornings! I usually only get one 'early' morning run in each week (like 6AM so not even crazy early), the other days are too hard since he leaves the house at 6:15 -4 days a week so I have to be around in AM to get little miss up and ready for the day(In the summer I think I will shift to 5am runs before he leaves to avoid the heat etc but 5am in Upstate NY winter...nope!). My runs are typically after 8PM during the week, with the occasional 5PM if I don't have to pick our daughter up.

                                Pre-Baby PR's (all from 2015): 5k: 18:46  10k: 38:37 HM: 1:24:51 FM: 2:58:13

                                Postpartum PR's: 5k: 18:18 (2018)  HM: 1:21:14 (2019) FM: 2:57:06 (2018-12 mo PP)


                                Next Up: Erie Marathon