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    I have a question for those of you who win or place in races. What does your trophy/metal/etc. say on it? Name of race? Place? division? This is something I will never find out on my own Wink
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      I rarely place in races. Of the few times that I did, all I got was this lousy t-shirt... Big grin So yeah, I wanna know too!
        So far this year, I won a pumpkin pie and a $40 gift card... but they didn't say anything on them. Big grin It normally depends on the race. Some races are smaller local ones that use food and non-place-specific medals (but differentiate between the places by having different colors instead) for the top finishers. Other races that are larger may have more money in their budget to go out and get medals and trophies which specify the name of the race as well as the place you finished. Most of the trophies I've gotten in the past have been relatively generic running trophies with an inscribed metal plate affixed to the bottom which gives the event, year and place. I haven't received any that specify the age group or division but I'd imagine there are ones that have that info on them as well.


          I got a medall with the name of the race the date and 2nd place (45-50). For the little raceas in Juneau we get ribbons and my daughter fills out all of the information
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            At the Monkey'thon, Jeff walked away with a limited edition reprint copy of the book that inspired the Wizard of Oz. Second place finishers got flying monkey sling shots. Third placers got each a barrel of monkeys.

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              I have a question for those of you who win or place in races. What does your trophy/metal/etc. say on it?
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              Name of race? Place? division?
              Definitely name of race and place, be sure an put the year. If there is a division, then put it if there's room. (man, it's been a long time...) Lynn B

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                One way to win is to run in very small races. I took second for my division at the French Lick Marathon. There were 63 finishers. All I got was a regular ole trophy tho.
                  Mine are trophies and have the name of the race and either the year or date and then 1st or 2nd place Female 40-45. Smile
                    For an overall place I have usually gotten a nice plaque or a medal with the place inscribed on it as well as the name of the race and the date. For age group awards, sometimes it's just like a 1st, 2nd or 3rd medal often w/o the age group on it. Once I won $100 to a running store...that was awesome.
                      One time I got 2nd in my age group at a 10K. I got a silver looking medal and a big container of Endurathon (Powdered Form!) So thats cool.