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Game Face
Name: Brian Kerssies
Age: 51
Height: 1.83 m
Current Weight: 83.9 kg
Location: Ada, MI
About me: 
I'm here doing what I do (training) so that I can delay or eliminate complications later in life. I have begun racing over the past few years, and have completed a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, sprint triathlon, olympic distance triathlon, multiple 1/2 Ironmans, and 2 full Ironmans. I run. I bike. I swim. I enjoy all 3 events equally, and enjoy training as much as (or more than) I enjoy racing. My goal is to live an active life. This is the lifestyle I desire. Cheers, my active community. Brian
Why I started running: 
Running career #1: middle school (because I was faster than my friends, and I enjoyed it). Retired in highschool when I found other sports that attracted fans. ........Running Career #2: May, 1993. Consisted of 1 run at age 20 when my life changed for the better.... long story. ......Running Career #3: diagnosed w/ diabetes in the late '90s. LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Ran to lose weight and become fit. Lost 20#, and could run slow like the best of them. Ran most weeks of every month since then. Never retired, just changed the job focus in 2009. .........Running Career #4: began January 1, 2009. I began racing (5k, 10k, ...). I haven't retired from this career.