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Name: Leslie
Profession: Paralegal
Age: 58
Current Weight: 63.5 kg
Goal Weight: 63.5 kg
Location: Northern CA
About me: 
I'm a trail runnin' chic in her early 50's who loves cats (the number of them is constantly changing), music, reading, travel, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I aspire to be the crazy lady at the end of the street with 20 cats and a thousand books, movies, and CDs. Throw in some French fries here and there (or more often), and I'm a very happy camper.
Why do I run: 
Again - because my menopausal brain can't remember squat, which means that as time marches on, I can't remember whether or not . . . wait. What? What was the question?
Why I started running: 
My menopausal brain can't remember squat so I have no idea. It must've been a very good reason, though. Why else would I drag myself out of bed at O-dark 30 5-6 days a week?