Mike E's profile   

Name: Mike Evans
Age: 60
Height: 1.65 m
Current Weight: 59 kg
Goal Weight: 59 kg
Location: Lino Lakes, MN
About me: 
I am married, I have 8 kids and 18 grandkids...and 1 great-grandkid
Why do I run: 
I love to run. There are not too many things I'd rather do than to run. I can make my run anything I want it to be. If I'm depressed--it picks me up; if I'm stressed out--it relaxes me; if I need to solve a problem--it's a time to figure it out. Running is what I do.
Why I started running: 
I have always run. My mom always told me that it took forever for me to learn how to walk because I would start running and fall down. So I, actually, ran before I could walk.