ImaRunnah2's profile
Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant
Age: 38
Location: Louisiana
About me: 
I'm Misty and I started running in late January, 2012. I've always been a gym rat, and have ran occasionally throughout the years just as part of a fitness plan. This usually meant maybe 30 minutes here and there when I didn't feel like hopping on the elliptical. I'm married with 2 kiddos and I do home health physical therapy.
Why do I run: 
So I don't murder stupid people. Seriously, stupid people everywhere should unite and pay for my running gear out of sheer gratitude.
Why I started running: 
In January I heard my town was hosting a 10k in March. So I started running. On March 10 I ran 6.2 miles for exactly the 3rd time in my life. My goal was sub-1:00 and my time was 58:11. 4 weeks later I ran another one in 53:34. I was bit by the racing bug, and now I'm always training for something.