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8:01 AM

5 km


6:11 mi


161 lb


45 F

Race Result

1 / 293 (0.3%)
1 / 110 (0.9%)


I didn't intend to run hard today, but I started off in 4th place. By a quarter mile I was in 2nd place. By 3/4mi the leader was tiring, so I passed him and ran the rest of the way in first. It was a good day. Overall wins are rare enough that it was worth working a little harder than I'd planned to.

This was my fifth overall win, but it's the first time I've ever won prize money. I didn't look in the envelope until I got home, and I was shocked to find a $100 bill! That was nice, but I decided to donate it back to Uniting Against Lung Cancer, which is the charity the race was for. Hank Thompson died in his 60s from lung cancer just like Granddaddy Bill did, so it's a cause that's important to me too.