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7:13 AM

8 mi


7:23 mi


159 lb


64 F
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I was shooting for 7:30 pace today, but my watch kept hovering around 7:24. I just went with it and felt ok. I could have run faster, but I was trying to ingrain a 7:30 race pace in my body. Plus I need to leave plenty in the tank for tomorrow's 17 miler. We'll see how the next few weeks go. I might be ok with a 7:25 race pace, but I only need 7:39 for a BQ, so I don't want to push for too much. Marathons are hard.

The greenway was deserted today except for bikers because the Country Music Half was this morning. I dropped Amy and Lisa off at Centennial Park and then drove to Shelby Bottoms for my quiet tempo run. I did kind of miss the race experience, but I've got my eyes on a bigger prize.