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11:16 AM

6 mi


8:35 mi


165 lb


60 F
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Best lunch run ever. I ran with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso on a group run from the Nissan HQ. Below are random comments about the run discussion topics. This was three days after his 4th place finish at the 2009 NYC Marathon (behind Meb's win).

After today, Ryan said he's taking two weeks off from running. Since Sunday's marathon, he said he's done two half hour runs plus today's run, all at an easy pace. We averaged about an 8:30 pace today, which was about 3.5 minutes slower per mile than his marathon on Sunday.

I wore my Flying Monkey Marathon shirt, and Ryan and I talked about it. I really talked the FMM up, and I invited him to join us on Nov. 22. I assured him that the RD could make a spot for him. But, alas, he said he couldn't join us.

I asked Ryan if he had any advice for me on picking a coach, and he recommended his coach. He went on to explain that his coach provides an online coaching service now, and he referred me to the web site. The direct link for their coaching services is

We were discussing hill running, and I was talking about some of the hills around here. Then he said, "Yeah, up in Mammoth we do a hill run occasionally that starts at 7,000 feet and finishes at 10,500 feet." I agreed that was a pretty good hill run and didn't mention anything else about our hills.

Ryan drives a blue four-door Nissan Titan LE 4x4. He said the first time he took it off-roading was up to a 10,000 foot overlook. Unfortunately, he ended up with some "extra pinstriping" (i.e., scratches) from all the brush on the trail, and he got it stuck. We tried to think of how to make a commercial about that.

He went to a steakhouse last night and got a prime rib that filled his whole plate. And he finished it all.