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6:56 AM

1 mi


5:41 mi


160 lb


66 F
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CPA Track


1600m time trial. The Garmin's 1 mile warning went off right at the 1600m mark, and I stopped the watch a second or two later. I tried to actually run a mile (9m past the finish).

Graham Stoner finished just ahead of me at 5:38, and he was first overall. I was second.

6/3/09 Update: The next day Graham, Mark, and I talked about my Garmin saying the 1600m mark was a mile, and they both said that because we had to lap people (some of them twice!) and change lanes a lot to dodge that we probably did run an extra 9 meters. After the first lap, I did spend some time in the 2nd and 3rd lanes. Supposedly, each lane adds 5 meters per lap.

According to SportsTracks my quarter mile splits (and paces) were:

1:18 (5:12)

1:29 (5:59)

1:31 (6:07)

1:23 (5:33)