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8:00 AM

26.2 mi


9:33 mi


161 lb


48 F

Race Result

75 / 205 (36.6%)
11 / 25 (44%)
57 / 132 (43.2%)
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My third Flying Monkey Marathon. This one went better than the last two, but not as well as I'd hoped. I ran with Phil and Eric through 14, then Phil took off. Eric and I stayed together some on and off. Miles 19 and 20 were AWFUL, and miles 21 and 22 were only slightly better. I recovered a bit after that, but my right ITB still gave me problems. I kept sprinting and walking to get through the last few miles because sprints don't aggravate my ITB.

First half: 1:50. Second half: 2:20. Ouch. Next year I'm volunteering instead of running. Seriously.

FWIW, when my ITB started bothering me, I didn't really get it loosened up and runnable again until I stopped and did toe touches. My lower back muscles were severely tightened up, and that made my glutes and hams tighten up. I've done a lot of front core work, but I've clearly got weaker, imbalanced back muscles. I'll need to work on that (e.g., with some "good mornings" exercises).