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5:59 AM

7 mi


8:39 mi


161 lb


70 F
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CPA Track


Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. Today's workout was targeted more for 2 milers and 5Kers than 1 milers, so it's probably just what I needed.

Warmup: 5 laps progressive, static and dynamic stretches, 2 x 200 fast w/200 jog.

Workout: 2 x 1200 @ 5:55 pace w/400 jog, 2 x 800 @ 5:55 pace w/200 jog, 4 x 200 @ 5:00 pace w/200 jog.

Cooldown: 3 laps.

I had a good workout today. Graham bailed, and Ed wasn't there. I forgot to stop my watch after the last interval, so "lap 19" was just me walking around, talking, and drinking Gatorade. It screwed up my overall workout pace, but who cares? My repeats were all on the mark today.