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7:34 AM

10 km


6:53 mi


160 lb


75 F

Race Result

13 / 179 (7.3%)
1 / 15 (6.7%)


At the 3 mile mark I looked at my watch and was averaging 6:51 pace. Mile 3 was tough. It was into the wind on Gallatin Road, terrible surface on Stop 30 Road, and hills the whole time. The whole race was hilly, but mile 3 seemed to be the worst (for me and for Bob).

I started my finishing kick too early (just after the 6 mile mark), and the guy I'd been racing passed me on the inside of the final turn and beat me to the line.

I checked the car's thermometer after the race, and it said 80 degrees. It's usually about 5 degrees high when the car's been parked a while, so I recorded the temp as 75. It was super humid today, so it felt suffocating during the race. Standing around for the awards after the race, the wind picked up and cooled everything off.

I hacked up a bunch of mucus afterward. :-( I'm on my 4th day of antibiotics and Mucinex to clear up whatever's going on in my lungs. That may have affected my race. (Amy says the Mucinex is why I feel so dehydrated lately.)

I ran with no shirt on today, which seemed to keep me cooler.