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8:18 AM

16 mi


8:08 mi


162 lb


51 F
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Temp: 51* at the start and 71* at the end. This was a perfect running morning.

I ran with the East Nasties. We started from Bongo, crossed the Shelby pedestrian bridge to Demonbreun, then did the last 11 of the CM Half course, then finished coming back up Woodland to Bongo. I started off with Andy Moss, then he dropped out, and I ran a while with Hugh Mundy. Then a pack showed up, and we ran together for several miles until the 11 mile water stop. Then a few of us (Hugh, Hunter, and a girl from U of Indiana) ran it in.

I got some water at the end and declined to run the extra 2 with Mark Miller, Hugh, and JP. But after resting a few more minutes, Matt ?, Erica Tober, and I did an extra 1.7 (at an easier pace) to round it up to an even 16. It was a good day. I never really felt that fatigued from yesterday's 10K race.