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10:32 AM

5.9 mi


9:09 mi


159 lb


80 F
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Today I started several weeks of hill repeats on Tuesdays. My plan said 5 x long hill (90-120 sec). I wasn't sure how far that would be, so I ran from the lowest point (by Nissan) all the way up to McEwen. That was about 140 seconds each time, but it had a little flat area between the hills.

With the heat (and hills), it was extremely tough. Rep 3 was awful, but a woman passed me going the other way and said "you're motivating me". So that gave me some pep to do my last two reps better. Then she started doing hill repeats on the same hill. Later on, I saw her in my building, and she said she was training for the Women's Half.

To be honest, this workout kicked my butt. I did the first rep way too hard, so it felt like death by the third rep. The heat also rose 4 degrees while I was out there. But mostly, I'm not used to charging up hills as hard as I can. That was a rude awakening.