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8:06 AM

11.2 mi


8:38 mi


165 lb


49 F
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Ran with Phil. Some East Nasties were supposed to run it too, but they stood around at the start too long. It was cold with 15mph winds, so we took off at 8:06am. A Striders runner named Chaz caught us at mile 4 and asked to join us, so we unintentionally picked up the pace after that. Neither of us minded getting done sooner though because it was cold/windy, and Phil had to get to the Titans game.

At least my lungs didn't feel like they were full of crud today. I felt ok until I hopped in the car and drove off after the run. I was trying to get warm, but my quads really tightened up badly because I didn't do any post-run stretching. I blasted my legs with the heater until I got home, and they felt better though.