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3:58 PM

5.5 mi


7:51 mi


164 lb


53 F
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It was sunny and nice out today. But I went to lunch with Brian and ScottS, so I had to run this afternoon. I went to Crockett Park and ran 10 soccer field diagonals. The field is 110yd x 65yd, which gives a diagonal of about 116.8m. It's a relatively flat grass field, but it's at a good spot. I get a 1.3mi warm-up running to it, and then finishing the park loop gives me almost another 3 afterward.

I've done 20 diagonals in a workout there once, but I think fatigue started affecting my form that day. So I just did 10 today and tried to "make fast easy". It was fun, and it was nice to see the sun.