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7:33 AM

5 km


6:23 mi


159 lb


40 F

Race Result

20 / 437 (4.6%)
3 / 39 (7.7%)
18 / 198 (9.1%)
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Tom King 5K


I'd originally paid for the Half, then yesterday I switched back to the 5K because I knew the weather was so bad I didn't want to race the half. The weather was so crappy, I thought about bailing on the 5K. But I'm glad I ran it. I tied my PR. I wish I'd taken my sweatpants off though because they were water-logged and heavy by the end of the race.

The second mile was bad because when we turned on Davidson St. we were running straight into the wind. After the race I talked to Tim Gibbons (18:27), and he said running into the wind made his 2nd mile the slowest too.

I hung out after the race to watch the start of the Half since Amy, Lisa, Bob, Phil, Trent, and others were in it. Then I hung around for the 5K awards since I got 3rd in my age group.