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7:54 AM

5.3 mi


8:23 mi


73 F
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This was the second workout of the Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions. Since I'm on vacation at HHI, I didn't have a track, so I had to find a quarter mile section of the trail that was relatively uninterrupted by driveways.

My first half mile I did the 2 x 200 w/200 recovery. Then I did 8 x 400 in 1:26 with 400 recovery. Since my Garmin's quick interval workout measures distances in quarter miles instead of meters, I just ran quarters. I hit my repeat paces pretty well, but I notice that I was taking longer on each recovery interval. It was so hot out there. I dropped my shirt after the first two repeats. When I got back to the condo, the temp was already up to 80.

I'm pleased with the workout though because my legs are still a little tired from Saturday's Downhill @ Dawn Half. I might should have moved this workout to Thursday, but I wanted to keep it on Tuesday just like it would be if I were at home.