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3:45 PM

6.4 mi


8:38 mi


161 lb
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It snowed 1.5" last night and turned to ice, so I had to do my "hill" repeats on the treadmill today. I seriously considered going outside, but the icy footing on the nearby hills plus the 24* temp nixed that.

WU: 20:00 easy

WO: 6 hill repeats of 90sec at 5K effort with 3:00 recovery.

I did all the repeats at 9mph (6:40 pace) and the recovery at 6mph (10:00 pace). I varied the incline though to try to keep the same effort level: #1 @ 7%, #2-#4 @ 6%, and #5-#6 @ 5%.

CD: 10:00 easy

I watch the first half of Men In Black during this workout. It was an enjoyable workout, but I miss the outdoors and sunshine.