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Name: bill
Profession: sophisticated lay-about
Age: 60
Height: 1.78 m
Current Weight: 79.4 kg
Location: Richmond, CA
About me: 
Small town Oregon upbringing, University of Oregon, on the T&F roster 1984-86 but never donned a uniform due to too many all-Americans. Best times from that era were 4:03 mile (in practice, smoking the all-Americans, much to Dellinger's puzzlement) and 8:46 steeple. I started running more in my late 40's, but a fight with my achilles is still nagging me years later, which means I can't do any speedwork without upsetting it again. So I guess it's plodding along as a distance runner for the foreseeable future. I'm a horrible distance runner. A little background and interest in industrial design. I make a living doing whatever, currently designing and building sets for a theater company. Entangled with a life accomplice of the other gender and her two kids; both are in college and have no interest in athletics of any kind, because they're smart.
Why do I run: 
Because I enjoy it. My competition days are long gone, but the activity itself brings me satisfaction. I especially enjoy long trail runs in scenic places, I've run in the Grand Canyon a few times, and most of the National Parks in Red Rock country.
Why I started running: 
Peer pressure. in 7th grade, cross country was the first organized school sport offered to us. After a week of peer pressure, I went out. After two weeks, most of the people that talked me into going out had quit. I kept at it for bragging rights, ended up winning district. I continued to run because of the success I had. I found out years later that running was in the family blood; Dad was a 4:07 miler in college around 1950.