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Name: Chris Krycho
Profession: Software Developer
Age: 31
Height: 1.75 m
Current Weight: 71.8 kg
Goal Weight: 68 kg
Location: Monument, CO
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About me: 
Husband/father, theologian, writer, developer/designer, runner, Lord of the Rings fanatic, composer, Whovian, Ultimate player.
Why do I run: 
Self-discipline, health, and the sheer joy of it.
Why I started running: 
High weight runs in my family. And once it's on, it doesn't come off. So I started to keep it off to start with. I ran in fits and starts most of college. I also discovered a love for Ultimate (Frisbee) in college. Then, the year after I graduated, I got mono. It kept me off my feet for three months. I knew if I wanted to play Ultimate that coming fall, I had to recover, so I started running. Predictably, I got hooked.