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Another excellent run. Legs felt good yesterday, but with the full day of rest and full night of sleep, they felt even better today. Again, like Thursday, I fell into the pace easily & maintained it the entire distance. Pace & turnover were consistent, comfortable & relaxed. Never felt any fatigue or that I was straining to maintain the pace. Cadence started at 168 for the first 2 miles, then averaged 170 the rest of the way until the final mile where I picked it up the last 3/4s of a mile to 172-174. I pushed it a little in the last mile mostly because I felt so strong and even then I had lots more left in the tank when I finished. Did pedestal routine x 2 and Myrtl routine after the run. Also did them after Tuesday's and Thursday's run, but forgot to put that in the notes. Both routines are feeling pretty good right now.