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8:11 AM

7.3 mi


8:57 mi


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Not quite at 100%, but pretty darn close. Warm up was steady, solid & consistent, a good prep for the interval work. A bit of dry, scratchy throat during the first 3 intervals, but it was really a non-factor as it didn't interfere with my breathing, and I stopped having any awareness of it by the middle intervals. Because I was a little concerned about the effects the cold might have, I took the extra lap walk (about a minute thirty or so of walking) between intervals 3 and 4 & 6 and 7, but this probably wasn't really necessary. Otherwise as you can see from the interval times, I was right on target from start to finish with consistent turnover & pace for all nine reps with each quarter a bit faster than the quarters I ran a couple of weeks ago. I felt very strong & sharp for this entire workout. It was a good recovery after the weekends tougher efforts & I saw it as a nice step forward in control of pace and effort. Completed the full set of exercise routines after the workout.