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7:16 AM

8 mi


9:07 mi


8 / 10
9 / 10
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Excellent set of intervals at "10k effort". Warm up mile was relaxed and easy. Felt strong during the warm up. Fell into 10k effort early in the first interval. Ran a very consistent first mile and then picked it up in the final quarter. Was probably a bit too aggressive in the first mile of the 2nd interval and did slow did slightly in the final quarter as I did feel a little fatigue and some minor discomfort. Because of the finish in interval 2, I took the first half mile in the final two intervals more conservatively (about 4:26-4:27), but then I was able to pick it up in both of those intervals just the past the half mile mark and again with a quarter mile to go. Had a very strong finish to both of the last two intervals. Still felt I had something left when the intervals were finished. Did full set of exercise routines after the workout.