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7:01 AM

13 mi


9:16 mi


59 F


9 / 10
7 / 10

Race Result

769 / 2083 (36.9%)
4 / 14 (28.6%)
494 / 881 (56.1%)
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Ran a sub 2 hour half marathon effort for most of race. Course was definitely about a tenth of a mile short, but still my second fastest half marathon time. Satisfied iwth the effort but could've finished under 2 hours except for:

1. Aid stations being poorly organized and undermanned which cost 10-15 seconds on two occasions (not in my control);

2, steady, gusty headwind from the end of mile 9 until mile 12.5 resulted in accelerated fatigue trying to mainain pace while cutting through the wind gusts (not in my control);

3. Did not deal well mentally with the wind and accelerating fatigue. In retrospect (especially given the last quarter mile pace), I could have run 20 to 30 second hard bursts several times during the last 2 miles, but let my brain talk me out of it. That last factor was in my control and probably cost me another 30 to 45 seconds, maybe more.