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8:29 AM

4.6 mi


8:49 mi


70 F


7 / 10
9 / 10
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Except for the weather, I ran the entire race about as well as I'm able at this point in training. Felt great at the start and found race pace within the first quarter mile. The first four mile splits were excellent, considering my clothes were drenched from the first half mile on and we picked up a gusty wind after the turn at Belmont Harbor (about 2 1/4 miles out). I was totally in control of effort and was able to identify runners who were maintaining a nice pace and latched on to them until I ended up passing them. The other real positive is that I had already begun to pick up the effort at the four mile mark & at the time we were stopped was anticipating kicking in another gear in the final mile and a quarter as we went south on Stockton to the South entrance to the zoo and then through the zoo to the finish. I really felt as strong at the point we were stopped as I had felt in mile one.