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6:05 AM

26.2 mi


10:02 mi


50 F


9 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

627 / 917 (68.4%)
4 / 9 (44.4%)
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1st 19 miles were super; felt good & turnover was consistent despite the weather. 20 & 21 pace dropped off slightly but I didn't feel any real drop off in my effort or turnover and I think the slightly slower pace in those two miles was partially due to elevation and a long wooden bridge with very uneven surface. Not quite half way into mile 22, my left hip became very sore and I ended up walking an aide station & slightly after because of it, which is why that mile was so much slower. I finally decided to gut out the soreness, but had to slow down to 10:40s for the last 4+ miles. The soreness didn't get any worse and has gotten much better after some ice yesterday evening and a night's rest.