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6:47 AM

9.8 mi


9:19 mi


8 / 10
9 / 10
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Excellent workout as the cutback week definitely paid off. Felt great during the warm up & then was able to dial into 5k effort/pace right from the start of interval one. Took the first interval hard, but controlled. Picked it up a notch in interval 2 & then was able to maintain that same effort in interval 2 through the next 7 repetitions & still had enough left in the tank to pick it once more in the final interval, finishing strong with my fastest rep. Cool down mirrored the warm up. Felt strong for the entire workout & was able to control pace & effort, beginning to end. Ran each interval hard, but the recovery jogs were more than enough to recharge to run the next interval just as hard & strong. Completed full set of exercise routines after the workout.