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9:32 AM

13.1 mi


9:53 mi


7 / 10
3 / 10

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143 / 192 (74.5%)
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I adjusted the mileage figures from the foot pod data so they're fairly accurate except for the last fraction which is mostly a guess. As you can see I started out too fast. I initially was hitting the lap counter on each lap & the 2:28-2:32 lap times meant I was running between 8:56 and 9:10/mile. The 10 full laps plus 1 partial is slightly more than 3 miles. About lap my stomach got quesy. I'm not sure why since I didn't eat or drink anything different than in the past 8 weeks or in any past race. By lap 10 it was really bothering so I stopped, drank & had a gel. That got rid of the quesy feeling, which didn't return, but I lost 45 seconds to a minute at that stop. After losing that much time I stopped worrying about individual lap times & just began running a steady, but definitely slower pace, about 9:45 to 9:50 mile. I held that to about lap 31 or 32 (around 8 miles) where the figures showed I slowed down to 9:55-10:00/mile although the drop in pace wasn't really noticeable. With about 9 laps to go (around 2 1/2 miles), I did start to labor and the pace dropped again a notch, which I did notice. Afterwards I physically felt o.k, but mentally not so good since it felt like I had just run my first half marathon and not my 13th.