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6:07 AM

13.3 mi


8:53 mi


32 F


8 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

1891 / 6279 (30.1%)
6 / 40 (15%)
1160 / 2619 (44.3%)
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Had a great flow from the start & once I got into my race pace running rhythm in mile 3, it never faltered the entire distance. I was pretty sure by the middle of mile 4 that I could maintain my effort the entire distance as my stride & effort were extremely consistent and strong. Never got out of the moment & took each mile as it came. The slower miles early were into the wind, but the effort was steady & as soon as the wind was either a cross wind or favorable the pace naturally quickened. After the half split off from the marathoners after mile 7, I was passing so many runners. Not only did that energize me, but it kept me in the moment as I was often focusing on the next person I was reeling in. At mile 10 I thought only 5k to go, but this time I was so strong I almost ran 5k pace to the finish. I took the middle miles steady, but conservatively, but I felt great at the end with something left in the tank so there's clearly some upside.