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Name: Heather
Age: 39
Height: 1.63 m
Current Weight: 104.3 kg
Goal Weight: 59 kg
Location: Atlanta, GA
About me: 
Have run over 100 marathons and ultras. My best times are 20:56 (5K), 45:17 (10K), 1:41 (half), 3:35 (full). 54 miles (10 hour) I have two children. Angeline was born Aug '08, and Seamus was born Dec '16. RETURNING FROM SCRATCH- basically a newbie runner now.
Why do I run: 
I enjoy it and it keeps me (relatively) sane. Except for marathons... I obviously complete those to ruin the sport. Bwahaha.
Why I started running: 
They wanted me to run a whole fucking mile for gym class. What was I, Superman? I started training. I ran the mile. Then more. And more. Why do something in moderation when you can do it in excess?