b a d g e r's profile   

Profession: Chewing sticks
Age: 8
Height: 0.46 m
Current Weight: 9.1 kg
Goal Weight: 4.9 kg
Location: Beaver, Dam
About me: 
The badger is the fastest digging animal on earth, and the strongest for its size. An American badger in the midwest was observed digging through the asphalt surface of a parking lot. It took him less than two minutes to disappear completely!
Why do I run: 
Badgers are determined fighters when they are threatened. They have loose fitting skin, which prevents them from being held securely by another animal. Badgers do not hibernate like bears during winter, but they do sleep for extended periods of time in northern states. Especially during extended periods of cold weather and deep snow. Wintering dens can sometimes be found in woodlands, where the frost does not penetrate as deeply. They can stay underground for weeks at a time, but they come out to hunt occasionally as they do not store food.
Why I started running: 
Male American badgers become sexually mature as yearlings, but 30 percent of females have been found to breed in their first year, when only 4-5 months old. Badgers mate in August or September. Embryos of the badger experience an arrest in development that greatly prolongs gestation. The embryo develops for a few days, then lie dormant in the uterus, being implanted in January. Of the total gestation period of 250 days, growth occurs during only 50. Birth is usually in April, or perhaps as late as June at higher altitudes. Usually 2 to 7 young are born. Although the female has 8 teats, litter sizes tend to be small, and a litter size of 3 is common. Females care for the litter by themselves. The young badgers move out in late summer to begin solitary lifestyles.