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9:46 AM

10 mi


7:16 mi


175.5 lb
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First 5 went pretty much according to plan. My calf was no real factor today, no excuse other than I was very conscious of it, it did hurt and I had to baby downhills. But that didn't cause the bad result.

I'm getting in better shape, not there yet. I have much more work to do, some of which has nothing to do with running I think (core, diet, hips). After mile 5 hips got tight and turnover was a problem. Then after Doug passed at mile 8 or so I sort of mailed it in because I had nothing to gain and wanted to not hurt the calf for no real reason.

So oddly, I'm OK with this. I can stop with the measuring stick with others here for a bit and just focus on what I need to do to improve.



Just noticed... I missed it by 16 seconds.


I'd like to see you start and finish a race healthy, but the approach on the last 3 was smart. You're getting there. Now heal up.