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8:02 AM

26.2 mi


9:28 mi


171 lb
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Vermont City Marathon

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Pathetic is about the only necessary description here.

All kinds of things, I wrapped the hamstring, it was OK, but twingy right from the beginning. It would cramp up and grab and I would sort of try to wobble and relax. And it did get really weak and tired and sore at the end, probably from being out there an hour longer than I should have been. On the out and back on the highway I started to not be able to control my breathing real well. Alicia and I ran together, she kept trying to tell me to control my breathing which I tried to focus on and it helped a bit. But the truth was I could tell I was already working harder than I should have been at mile 5 or whatever at a pretty reasonable pace. We started conservatively on purpose. By mile 7 or so I could feel her sort of pulling, running 2 steps ahead. By mile 8 or so I just let her go. I didn't even say a word. She looked back a few times and I waved her forward. Then I just decided to just sort of focus on doing whatever I could at that moment. Forget the BQ and really anything, just finish and move on. For a while I was pretty proud of this. The hamstring was very tired by 1/2, but really I was just warm. I couldn't control my breathing and my HR felt sky high. By mile 16 or so I was walking. Any sunny stretch I just felt dead. I would walk in the sun, run in the shade, or walk until my breathing would calm and then resume running. Then it just got worse from there.

My performance on this race was not good. But really, if I ever want to do this again, I have to dedicate myself more fully to some things. I haven't eaten as well as I could have, taken care of my body as well as I could have, strengthen myself like I could have. I didn't do enough hill runs or really just enough in general. This has been a common theme for me for what now, 4 years? It's like I tried to do the minimal amount required, and trying to put too much stock into a few good runs or races that I did have. And when you build yourself no margin, and something doesn't go your way a little bit, like 68 degrees (which really shouldn't be this damn unmanageable, maybe if I lost some weight, for instance) or a tweaked hamstring or whatever, then this is what I get. And apparently and quite embarrassingly, I also don't have the mental toughness to do what it takes when it needs to be done. I've never thought of myself that way but it's been staring me in the face for quite a while now.

I deserve the result I got because I wasn't well enough prepared and that's what makes running great.

Vermont is beautiful, the course is nice and fair, it's just too bad that I took a day that had potential to be very good and fucked it all up in a torrent of crap. A really bad day in a multitude of ways.

Now I have no idea what to do but I do need to plan something. Whatever it is does not involve marathons for at least quite a while and probably no racing at all until I am actually ready to do so in a way that isn't embarassing.



Far be it from me to kick you while your down, I'll wait until you get up. All I can do is piss on you down there and I'm a little dehydrated at the moment.

You had a good solid 3 months of good training leading into this and your Eastern States 20 miler result speaks for itself. If that had been marathon day, you would have your BQ and everything would look different. Take a few weeks off, heal up and enjoy running with no real purpose for a spell. Add another chapter to the book.




It's no coincidence that you run better in the cooler temps. Bay State is at the end of October and I hear some really cool Sanford people will be running that. Do what you need to do for now. There will be other days.


Yea... what Doug said.


I think you put plenty of work in, I believe too much. It seems to be at the end of the marathon cycle that you run into trouble. It is very easy to get sucked into the same schedule as the Boston crowd, however their race is weeks earlier. You are a much better runner than I am but you get caught up in the circle north trap and end up comparing miles and other bs. If you let that go and did not worry about who wins the training run you could easily win the race. Most of the training plans I have reviewed call for less. Let's go for a run or a beer.


I think you're being way too hard on yourself. You are really not that far off where you wanted to be. I have no doubt you can run a good marathon in the fall, if you want to. Step one is to stop thinking about marathons, or really any run longer than about 2 hours for a couple of months.


Totally agree Mad-Mike, i find myself getting sucked in to trying to "win" or beat the workouts all the time, whether it is vs my own plan or whatever the Circle North group is doing that week. It is the same shit that tends to get me injured as well.


Hey, it's just one race. It can go wrong for anyone. Hey, I posted a 17 minute mile in a marathon just last fall. Reload and come run Baystate -- but (agreeing with Mike here) don't even think about it until at least July.