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10:00 AM

15 km


7:17 mi


167 lb
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Bow Lake 15K

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Eh, not good, not bad. Again another steady effort but I am out of touch with what my race effort should feel like I think. Hamstring and calf both tweaked, so felt like I had to manage that, especially because the hills were relentless (usually never huge but one Oak Street type hill at mile 5). Everyone left me in the dust - briefly I saw Doug coming back to me on the big up, but when he got to the top he was gone. Still, I kept it together and gave honest effort in the end. The result isn't what's important right now.



This is improvement in the right direction. You're getting closer to where you need to be and the course sounds brutal.


I would have been bitching about the +150 feet in the first 1.5 miles... until the +300 feet between 5.5 and 6.5.

Nice workout.


mile 6 is one of the most legit miles of any race i can think of. good work out there.